What Namaste means to me


Weather you’ve practiced with me once or commune with me on the reg, you’ve certainly heard me say Namaste. I usually offer this interpretation as well…

The place of light and love in me,

recognizes, and honors,

the place of light and love, in You.


That sounds pretty nice on its own, right? But let me take you a bit deeper too.

Starting with the ‘light and love’ bit. While the phrasing may become a little cliché, on par with puppies and rainbows—both light and love are powerful things! What is most notable about light is not only that it illuminates the dark, but that it doesn’t lose anything by shining either! So, when we say ‘the light’ in both of us, we’re highlight (pun intended) how our individual illumination unites and keeps us all aglow.

And in that place of light, how could there not be love as well? Love is universal and to some a more apparent form of connection. It is a feeling both emotional and physical, a force that inspires big things. So, when we come from that place of love, we’ve offering up a whole lotta positive and powerful feels of connection…plenty of hugs to go around and…ok, maybe bring back the puppies too.

In reference to that connection, I also specifically use the words ‘recognize and honor.’ It’s that place of light and love affectionately and powerfully going—Hey! I know you!!—like a hug or a slap from a bff. To recognize, means to recall and to know, a sense of familiarity and companionship that is more than just appreciation but a deeper knowing that reflects the same light. This is especially important when we may not be feeling ourselves, then the light of others can call our awesomeness out for us.

Lastly, that the place in me honors the place in you, reminds us that we’re all worthy of reverence! That there is something special without us all that is pretty amazing and deserving of praise, maybe sometimes we don’t feel it within ourselves, so others light can remind us, or—we have trouble seeing it in those that challenge our beliefs or values, so we must tune back to that love to remind that we’re all deserving and connected on a deeper level.

So, when we say Namaste, we’re offering something pretty powerful and special. Bigger than ourselves even! Offering a big Namaste for you and yours in 2018 and beyond. <3





Need a break? Roll the...(Yoga) Dice!

Hello! If you're anything like me, as the year is winding up with the holidays approaching, semesters ending and the like, there is frequent need of winding down. So, I bring to you, the Yoga Break Dice! Simply download the file, print it out, and DIY your own Yoga Break!

The template is meant to motivate, offering a few guidelines, but certainly make the break your own. Keep it close by and roll as needed. Leave a comment and let me know how it goes! 

High Resolution Yoga Dice Download HERE