Tiptoeing in to My Own Intuition

There are so many great ways to approach life, encouraging development or change and striving to be the ‘best version’ of yourself. Yet, I’m resistant to commit to any sort of diet, challenge, or lifestyle vow myself.
There’s the part of me that thinks—what if I fail? I’ll have to admit that I was unsuccessful. Then I’ll have to go back to square one and find a new thing to try (that I may in turn fail at as well). Ugh. That sounds dissatisfying and exhausting.
In contrast, there’s also a part of me that thinks—whoa, what if this thing actually sticks? Will I really commit to doing (fill in the blank) every day? Am I actually going to be done with this or that thing FOREVER? Those are kinda scary thoughts as I don’t feel totally discontent right now so what will this change mean for the future me? Would we even be friends with each other?
These ideas of full commitment or totally failure freak me out and I usually talk myself out of any sort of challenge or change even before I begin. I put these grand ideas in the ‘maybe some day’ category that never really comes. But, acknowledging you have a problem is one of the first steps, right?
So, all that to say, I think I’m ready to give something new a try. I’m setting my own experiment for the month of October. Not based on restrictions or must-dos but on being mindful and trying to get in tune with my own intuition. Specifically, I want to practice conscious consumption. I want to be more aware of what I’m taking in and the benefit it does (or doesn’t) bring with it.  So sure, I can have the cookie, slice of pizza, martini whatever—but do I need three? And hold up, do I even want said thing or am I just following a habit or social cue? Speaking of social, my social media 'consumption' could use a check-up too...


What do I truly want or need in this moment? How can I be fully present and cognizant of my experience? 

If I think too hard about it, it sounds daunting, but also, not so difficult since their aren't clear yes/no's to categorize. Without fear of failure I want to be totally engulfed in the experience at hand.
 I hope you’ll wish me luck in this endeavor and that maybe, if this resonates with you, you’ll get on board as well! If you’re feeling the pull, let me know and we’ll be in this experiment together. We don’t have to do anything more than that, just making a commitment to try to tune in with ourselves is the best accountability there is.

Whatever your intentions, I hope you have a great October! Namaste.