Are you clenching? Embracing the dead llama face.


So, my husband has (affectionately) informed me that I look like a dead lama when I sleep. Thanks, babe. And while that’s not necessarily the most flattering thing to hear, it definitely cued me in to the fact that I rarely let my face fully relax.

I had a teacher point this out to me recently as well. Noticing that I was pursing my lips together as I practiced bakasana, she encouraged me to soften my jaw. Once she mentioned it I started paying more attention to my face throughout my practice and noticed that it is frequently clenched! Whether it be from focus, determination, confusion or a bit of each, I’ve been trying to cue in and invite calmness in to my face during my practice.

This quote keeps coming to mind…Engage where necessary, soften where possible.

I’d say, unless it’s a soft smile of personal encouragement, the face can pretty much always be softened.

So, here’s my vow to encourage you to soften your face during postures (and that I will never judge savasana face)—may you let the tension leave your expression.