Meditation for a Rainy Day

Find a seated positon with the spine comfortably erect and the face slightly upturned. Let the hands rest open on the thighs, with the palms gently cupping upward.  

Close your eyes and draw your attention to the rain. Notice the repetitive sound, imagining the temperature and moisture in the air, maybe a damp, refreshing scent…

With awareness of the rain, then recognizing properties of water, that it can be life-giving, thirst quenching, refreshing and full of opportunity…and that water can also be cleansing, clearing, a washing or rinsing away of dirt or things to be removed.

Drawing attention back to the rain, start to visualize individual raindrops and image them collecting in your palms, creating small pools of water.

Each drop that lands in the left palm, is a life-giving drop, refreshing and exciting….and each drop that lands in the right palm is cleansing, removing negativity, washing away anything that doesn’t serve you or may be holding you back.

Allow the drops to collect without judgment, critique or weighting, just hold and be present with these pools of water. Recognizing that each drop is part of the whole, together washing and refreshing.

Slowly start to bring your cupped hands together at your heart and imagine releasing the pools and letting them come together and wash over you, all the clearing, all the drops come together and flow in to one, releasing, and passing over.

 Let yourself be here and again, bring your attention to the rain and any sensations you may be feeling. Take a few deep breaths, eventually letting the eyes open and returning to the present moment.