Just Do it - January Yoga Mix 2016

I'm late in posting my January Yoga Mix and I'm a little ashamed for the reason—I hadn't been on my mat in the new year until yesterday to try it out! 

I've been feeling a little unmotivated in my personal practice and I realized that it was because I briefly lost sight of my love of yoga. I let it get too routine, too rote, too business-y or whatever. Yesterday when I finally got myself back to my mat to practice I let go of expectations and was reminded of part of why I do yoga—it's fun! 

It let's me loose myself, which in turn seems to be where I found myself too...so I encourage you to let yourself loose, let go of expectations and as Nike taught us—Just do it! 

Hopefully this mix will bring you good vibes too :) ‪#‎firstfridayyogamix‬ ‪#‎yogaeverygloriousday‬