Stability. Mobility. Flexibility.

Stability. Mobility. Flexibility. When thinking of my yoga practice these are the three words that come to mind.

In the physical body, stability comes first—strong muscles and stacked bones create a stable foundation that allows us to find balance. Once aligned, mobility in the joints encourages a freer range of motion, allowing safe movement on multiple planes. Then comes flexibility, because if we can’t stand up straight without falling over, who cares if we can touch our toes? Just kidding. But really—lengthened muscles aren’t beneficial unless we can support and manage them too!

When we can come from a place of openness and discernment, we can find contentment or stability within ourselves.

But on the mental/emotional spectrum, the order is reversed. 

The subtle body houses our spiritual and emotional nature, the things that make us ‘us’ but aren’t necessarily seen. On this interior plane, flexibility is paramount. We need to start with an open mind—willing to explore. When we approach things openly without judgment or expectation, then we can start to use discernment, honing our sensitivities or ‘mental mobility’—like turning our head to look in different directions—to begin to focus our path. Only then, when we come from a place of openness and discernment, can we find contentment or stability within ourselves.


My intention is to explore flexibility, mobility, and stability in body and mind. And the opportunity is certainly there for the taking as these elements are always in flux in my practice and my mindset so again and again, I return to yoga.