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Mindfulness in the Morning

In college I started literally rolling out of bed to do yoga. I would lay my mat out beside my bed at night and the second my alarm went off in the morning, without giving myself a chance to think, I would get on my mat. I’d flow through a few (sometimes very) slow and gentle sun salutations, most of the time with my eyes still closed, and the movement and breath would awaken me. I started loving the feeling of being woken up in my body, rather than just the nagging of my mind and alarm clock. After finishing these practices I would feel centered, warmed, calmed and ready for my day.

As the years have gone by my mat is no longer placed beside my bed at night, but my morning practice has continued to grow. I practice with others twice a week and I’ve added meditation and pranayama to that sacred time. Starting the day with asana helps me wake up enough in the body so that I can, at least for a moment, curb the daily rush of the mind.

Practicing first thing in the morning also ensures that I won’t miss it in my day. Since pretty much no matter what I have to get out of bed each day, dedicating those first moments to yoga means I am less likely to put my practice off for any number of reasons that may come up later on. Morning practice is when I set my intention for the day. I don’t recall a time when I’ve left my mat thinking, “I wish I hadn’t done yoga” so when I start my day with it I am setting myself up for a more mindful and connected day.

When and where do you like to practice? I encourage you to consider establishing whatever sacred time, space, or place that works for you and keeps you coming back to your mat.


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